thorweb4White Knight Cosplay is an actor, director, costume designer, prop maker and cosplayer. She has combined her love of theatre, costumes and all things geeky to bring her cosplays to life. She loves to encourage other cosplayers to find their place in the cosplay world.

“Cosplaying is not about having the perfect body or face, or about being an experienced costume maker. Cosplaying is about celebrating your fandom, your love for a certain character, and celebrating a love for yourself. Love yourself and be your own hero!”

Teaching others about costuming and cosplay is a passion for White Knight. She has pattern reviews and tutorials on YouTube, offers classes on creating costumes, and puts out a helpful Cos-Tip each week to help other cosplayers along their journey.

White Knight Cosplay is also a member of the Heroes in Force team, a group of superheroes that teaches children about how to be a hero and not be a bully.

To book White Knight Cosplay at an event near you, send her an email through her contact page.